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Decoration Techniques

All of our decoration styles are applied by hand rather than machine. This allows us to offer small or no minimum order quantites and excellent attention to detail. We have lots of techniques and skills which we have developed ourselves and these can be used individually or combined to create really unique effects. We'd like to give you a flavour of some of the different options that are available and so have created a unique design as shown on the coasters below to demonstrate some of our basic skills.


Sandblast: A mask is applied to the glass and sandblasted to create a permanent design on the item by removing a layer of glass through the mask. We have no minimum order quantity for sandblasting which is the most durable of decorations.

Reverse Sandblast: The same techiques are used as for sandblasting, but the mask is created in a negative format leaving the design clear and the glass around it frosted.


Look alike engraving/Ceramic Transfer: A single colour ceramic transfer is printed and creates an effect similar to sandblasting. The transfer is applied to the glass and kiln fired to create a permanent bond. This is a slightly cheaper option than sandblasting however there is a minimum order quantity of 25 items. Some glass decorators refer to this as inverted engraving, as the decoration is on the surface of the glass.

Multi Colour Ceramic Transfer: Similar to the single colour or look-alike technique but using more than one colour. We do not offer a full colour print for print work completed in house but we can outsource the print work if a full colour process print is required. Transfers would still be applied by hand in our factory. For our in-house printing the number of colours that can be printed depends on the design detail, but we can print at least 4 colours and often more if required. Please contact us with your artwork for information and quotes.


Shiny Gold Ceramic Transfer: This is printed in the same way as the other ceramic transfers but using a gold compound to create a bright gold design. This creates an eye catching effect and can also be used to enhance wine glasses and other glasses with rim and footlines as well. This shiny gold can be used in conjunction with colours to create a really spectacular effect.

Precious Metals: We are recognised as the most skilled decorator of crystal with precious metals in the UK and our bespoke decoration graces the dining rooms of palaces, hotels, super yachts and private aeroplanes across the world. We work with gold and silver and are constantly refining the processes for applying these precious metals to crystal to produce completely unique products. We accept single commissions as well as large orders for this type of decoration work, which is carried out by highly skilled craftsmen in our factory.


Decorating your own glassware: We can usually apply all of these decoration types to your own glassware, as well as our own, and are always happy to quote for decoration only work although we will require sight of the artwork to be used to provide an accurate quotation.

Product Sourcing: We have a access to a very wide range of glass distributors and manufacturers and can source products for you as required. Lead times can be longer than usual where we are sourcing a product from abroad. For promotional awards and plaques we can work with a factory in the Far East to have custom made products produced. There are minimum order quantities on custom products but these are set at sensible levels (eg 25+).

Working on custom projects: We often work on custom decoration projects for customers own glass, from bespoke toughened glass plaques (suitable for buildings) to bottles and vases for drinks companies. We are always happy to consider these projects and can help to create truly spectacular pieces for product launches and big brand events. We are constantly undertaking research and development work in our factory to meet customers requirements.